Apr 28, 2016

What Podcasts To Listen To {My Faves}

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I LOVE a great podcast. I listen to them while driving, walking on the treadmill, running or cleaning the house. Most of the time I am listening to a podcast rather than music. Unless I am grocery shopping. I can't concentrate on a podcast while I'm trying to check off every item from my list. I have a huge list since I only grocery shop once every 2 weeks. Other than that...you can catch me listening to a podcast!

I love true crime, historical, silly, funny...whatever! 

I wanted to list for you some of my favorites in case you are just getting your feet wet in the podcast scene or you are an old pro and need someone to dish with! Please let me know if there are some of your favorites on this list OR if you have a great recommendation!

I listen to my podcasts from my iPhone with the Overcast app. Here's a few that I love (in no particular order)

#1) Serial

Let's face it. This is probably THE most popular podcast. Maybe. I mean, I don't officially have the statistics but surely to goodness it's got to be up there. Season One was my favorite. Season Two is great too but doesn't come close to the awesomeness of Season One. Plus, there are SO MANY podcasts that were spinoffs of Serial Season One ALONE. I mean, it was the one that got me hooked, so....
In case you have been living under a rock, Serial Season One is about the true crime story involving Adnan Syed. More info here

Take my word for it, when you get done with Serial Season One you will feel as lost as a baby deer without it's mother. Bambi lost. You will need closure and you will need it BAD. That's where Undisclosed comes in. It is a VERY detailed and informative podcast. Sometimes it got overwhelmingly detailed and intense but that's ok. It gave me the information I was needing to cope with Serial Season One being over. Ya'll I needed help after it was over. So it was very welcomed! I also tried listening to the Truth & Justice podcast but never really fell in love with it. But it is a good one to listen to so you can get your Adnan Syed fix.

This is ANOTHER podcast that was created because the need to discuss Serial Season One was so great. BUT they offer so much more. The four podcasters are hilarious and very well informed. I like the open forum style and their different backgrounds. They also get into Serial Season Two which is a very lively discussion. As always, I needed someone to help me process each episode of Serial every week. These guys also talk about awesome tv shows like People vs. O.J. Simpson, Downton Abbey, and Making a Murderer. 

This one is a missing person case that is over 10 years old. So you may be asking yourself...why would I listen to something that happened so long ago? I think it makes it that much more intriguing. Maura Murray seemed to basically vanished into thin air a very long time ago and the hosts (Lance and Tim) go over a ton of information. Lots of mystery, intrigue and surprises.

This is another true crime podcast with the difference being that they take on a different case each episode. It was interesting to hear their take on the recent Steven Avery case and the older Scott Peterson case. Aaron and Justin do a great job at giving you a lot of information in a clear and organized manner. It's very easy to follow and they really stick to the facts. They do offer their commentary on the case or the incidents but they don't let it over take the facts.

#6) This American Life

This podcast is great just because of the variety. The subject of the podcast varies as much as the colors of the rainbow. It can be about the pressures of middle school, addiction, the environment, current events, really anything that happens in every day life. These are even safe to have on around the kids (The host, Ira Glass, will warn you if there is going to be bad language)

#7) 99% Invisibile

This podcast is basically a mini This American Life. Roman Mars is the host and his voice is so soothing. He tackles a ton of fun, interesting and thought provoking stuff. The episodes are less than 30 minutes each.

#8) Pop Culture Happy Hour

A group of 4 (I think) people get together and talk about movies that are out, tv shows that are great, new albums that have been released, and really just anything that pertains to Pop Culture. Some are around and hour long and some are "small batches" and are under 10 minutes. It's a very helpful podcast when The Oscars come around. I love analyzing the nominees and the winners.

#9) Criminal 

Phoebe Judge is the host and she is a great storyteller. Her voice is one of the best! So soothing and so calm. Each episode she brings a short story about, well, a criminal or a crime that happened. Another true crime one, yes. Phoebe seems to take on a lot of stories that are local to North Carolina, which I like since I live in NC.

#10) Mystery Show

A modern day Nancy Drew is what Starlee (the host) is. It's super fun and light. As far as I know there is only season one but I hope she is coming back for a season two!! This is not just about true crime. Starlee takes on any mystery that she has discovered herself or a suggestion from a friend. One time she went on a hunt for a lunchbox. I know, that sounds boring but wait until you hear what kind of lunchbox... This was THE first podcast I ever listened to and I was HOOKED.

Here is a list of some more that I have in my Overcast app:

11. Embedded (takes a news story and goes deeper)
12. Hidden Brain (cool stuff broken down and explained)
13. Lore (creepy folklore stories - so good!)
14. The Moth (true stories told live by the author themself)
15. Netfreaks (Netflix series commentaries - really helpful!)
16. RadioLab (similar to This American Life)
17. Us & Them (Almost like mini documentaries about important subjects)
18. You Must Remember This (all about old Hollywood)
19. Detective (true stories from a retired detective - so good)
20. Invisibilia (similar to 99% invisible but with two female hosts - so good too!)

For you locals:
*Asheville Folk (always a good discussion about everything Asheville!)
*AVL Food Fans (I mean, you gotta listen to Stu tell you everything about the Avl Food scene)
*Finding Asheville (interviews with Ashevillians about their businesses, artistry, etc. with a awesome co-host I love to support. Hi Emily!)



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