Jan 5, 2015

Daily Style: Tall Boots Girl

Let me tell you, there is nowhere you can go that you don't see tall boots on ladies feet. It's crazy! Is it just me or has there been a tall boot explosion just in the last year? Maybe it's just the Clemson football games I go to that make me feel that way. Maybe it's just that you see grandmothers wearing them these days too. With all that being said it doesn't bother me enough to make me toss mine in the donate pile! No way! I rarely stay on top of trends to be "the only" one wearing something. I do love an ankle boot too which seems to be a bit more underground still. Mark my word I will NOT be one of those gals that expose my ankles when it is 30 degrees outside unless it's a crazy rare moment that I get to go to a fancy party. So that leaves...boots!

Also, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous time! I went to bed about 11:15pm. It was as far as I could go. I tried! But my son had a friend over for a sleepover and I knew they would be up early. They are only seven years old so sleeping in is not a thing yet. In other news, I think I will try out a few new things around here on the blog to freshen things up. I have no concrete plans but I like introducing new posts with a picture and words - like I did right up there. What do ya think? Maybe have some more written posts with what I'm doing/thinking/not doing/not thinking...I don't know. I do have a bit of the new year buzz. I hope you like the changes! I will still keep the "Girl" part of each post title because...hey...I am one girl right? 

Outfit details: Denim dress: thrifted Liz Claiborne, Leggings: Hue, Boots: Steve Madden

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