Jan 13, 2015

Something Tasty {Blackberries & Cream...A Paleo Treat}

In my "I'm addicted to sugar post" a few days ago I talked about my Paleo lifestyle and how much I love sugar. The two do NOT go hand in hand. When I have reached the end of my rope and I need something sweet and I haven't been awesome enough to break the sugar cycle...I eat this sweet treat. 

Blackberries & Cream.

Technically that is not cream in that photo. It is coconut milk. But doesn't cream sound so much more delectable?

Here's what you will need to make this recipe! 

* Blackberries (or raspberries, strawberries and even snozberries! Sorry. I couldn't help it)
* Coconut Milk (The full fat Thai Kitchen is what I use)
* Honey

As always, organic ingredients are the bet for the Paleo diet. Honey is not approved on the Whole30. Some people don't even agree with it being Paleo but some people do. Just choose a side and go for it. I happen to embrace honey because there is evidence that it is good for you when used correctly. Raw honey is the best since it is less processed but I liked the good ole' local honey for this recipe. Plus I like to be the Queen Bee at my house. Or at least pretend to be the Queen Bey. 

Just place the berries in a sweet little bowl that makes you smile. Pour some coconut milk over them and drizzle with honey.

A lovely dessert...all for you! You deserve it! And gosh darn it you're worth it.


*recipe adapted from text in Well Fed 2

What is your favorite Paleo dessert? 


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