Oct 15, 2014

Fall Trends {Joggers}

Boy am I a lover of these sweatpants disguised as style trouser type things called Joggers! I've featured them on here before but know I am seeing them everywhere even down to Old Navy. Which means they are super budget friendly. I am not seeing them in the thrift stores that much but the consignment shops are showcasing them. I did find one pair of mine for $7 at a local shop. 

So...comfy, stylish and affordable all at the same time? I cannot ask for more. I love how you can wear them with flats and they can come off as sporty chic. Heels, of course, are always a good companion for a slouchy pant because it can make the outfit look dressier in a flash. Wow. Wearing my pajamas out of the house. Thank you fashion gods. 

Cargo pants

H&M activewear pants
$48 - hm.com

Jogger pants


Tania said...

I've been noticing these every where too! I love the way these look on some girls but I think I would look too bummy wearing them outside of the house. My boyfriend has a couple pairs and loves them though.

xx freshfizzle

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