Oct 22, 2014

Hit the Rewind Button Girl

Tank, Skirt, Belt & Shoes: Thrifted, Necklace: my grandmother's

I never got around to posting these photos from mid-September. When I stumbled on them I was immediately transported back to the very moment. Which is why I love this blog so much. On the surface it is a fashion blog but it is a photo diary for me as well. I see this photo and remember the warmth. I remember my son in the car waiting patiently for me to get through. I didn't want him to get out because this particular spot was too close to the road. He was enjoying his book on tape about a little duck named Ping from China. I had just been to the library and picked up a great audio book for myself; Olive Kitteridge. Which is now coming to HBO as a miniseries. Yay! Seeing this photo also reminds me that this is a hot spot for photos in my neck of the woods. I see lots of cars pulled over to snap a pic here. It's just a spectacular view of the valley with the Warren Wilson College farm nestled right in the middle. Beautiful. Just beautiful. I'm glad I took a quick minute one day to grab some photos for myself. I'm just a girl in a skirt with a camera on a tripod next to the highway. Ya know. The usual. 

This was my grandmother's locket. It's inexpensive but it holds a sweet photo of her husband, my grandfather. I miss both of them. I wish they could have met my son.

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