Oct 28, 2014

At the Lake Girl

Vest: Northface, Top: hand me down from the best cousin ever, Jeans: Thrifted Eddie Bauer, Shoes: L.L. Bean gum shoes

About a week ago I was more than blessed to be able to stay at my friend's lake house for a few days. It was so peaceful and so quiet. I loved sitting on her back deck, sipping my morning coffee and watching the lake. It was the ultimate in relaxation. How did this come about you say? Well, I had planned to be on a beach trip with a friend but that fell through. So instead of canceling all of my out of town childcare I embraced the free time and went by myself to the lake. What?! I know. I thought I could enjoy the solitude and gather myself and my thoughts before the holiday season stress sets in. I've not been able to have several days in a row to myself in, well, I can't remember the last time. I am a purebred introvert and love my alone time. Don't get me wrong, I love my son and my husband and my whole family for that matter. My son was super excited to get to spend some extra days with his dad. I do crave friendships and I truly enjoy being around the people I love. But once in a blue moon I enjoy not having to answer anyone's questions, only worry about fixing my meal and go to bed and get up whenever my heart desires. It's a nice break from reality. I want to go back to the lake in the summer with the fam. My son would love playing in the water. I want to go back with the hubs too and snuggle up on the sofa, drink coffee and read books. Maybe it would be snowing. Yeah. Wake up! Back to reality!

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