Nov 14, 2013

Patience Tested Girl

Top/Tunic/Dress for skinny people?: Thrifted Levi's, Leggings: Walmart, Boots: Steve Madden, Necklace: Modcloth

I failed the patience test. My mom, my niece and my son and I were all at an indoor play-land thingie here in town on Monday. We found some seats, put our stuff down, played, got some coffee and just did our thing. I got up to go speak to the owner who my mom knew and while I was speaking to him I noticed two ladies had sat down in our chairs. I came back over and saw my pocketbook in the floor and my coffee and Riley's juice box still on the end table in between the two chairs. I said "wow, you  moved my stuff!" They didn't say anything at first but I said "you know we were sitting here". I really was just in disbelief at how nonchalant they were at how rude it was that they stole our chairs. They proceeded to argue about how I wasn't sitting in it and that other people need to sit down. I tried to "reason" with them. They told me to go away, to get out of there. I'm like WHAT? I.was.sitting.there. My pocketbook was in the chair that your butt is in right now. I just got up no more than 30 seconds ago.

Oh well. Needless to say it got to me and it has gotten to me since it happened (Monday). I just don't understand. And I don't understand how it ended up my fault either that I deserved to have my things moved and my chair stolen. Is this 2nd grade or are we adults that ask permission before we take over? Evidently it is a free for all and we are all in it for ourselves. Disappointing! We left about 15 minutes after all that went down. I've thought about those ladies a lot since it happened. What I wished I would've said...the awesome insults I have mentally lined up...but I'm glad I got away from them and out of there before I said any of them. I cannot (and do not want to) become what they are.


skippy haha said...

no freakin way! WWWWTTTTFFFF!!?!?!? good for you for saying something, and then being the nicer person by letting it go. some people....

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