Nov 19, 2013

DIY: Thanksgiving "Give Thanks" Banner

I can't believe I got a Thanksgiving banner put together and actually got it hung on the mantle. This is progress people! I finally did something in my Pinterest-crafts-to-do list.

The supplies I used were right out of my craft boxes. I cut felt into the triangle shapes. I used twine to attach them all in a row. That was the hardest part because the twine kept wanting to twist on me. What I did was hang up the twine on the mantle and then clothespin each triangle to get the spacing down. Then hot glued them into place. I decorated each triangle before I hot glued them to the twine.

I had buttons that I used for the "G" in give and the "T" in thanks. I outlined the buttons with yarn so it would seem more like a letter. I'm always a little intimidated by how to do the letters. I really didn't want to go buy the letters at the craft store because I wanted this to be a no cost project.

I found a pumpkin alphabet online and printed out the rest of the letters. I distressed them with one of my gold stamp pads. The leaves, flowers and feathers are just straight out of my random craft box. Then I tied scraps of green fabric in between.

Like I said - the hardest part was getting the flags glued to the twine. Plus I didn't have that much counter space to lay it all out in order and still be near the glue gun! First world problems, I know. I tied little ribbons at the end of the banner for a little sweet touch.


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