Sep 6, 2013

Black, White & Silver Girl

Tunic: NY&CO, Sweater: Thrifted, Leggings & Sandals: Target, Bag: Charming Charlie's

I am closing in on my one year and two months sober anniversary. I was on my way to my class/meeting and snapped a few photos beforehand. I always look forward to my weekly meetings and twelve step program progress. I am hesitant because the questions are revealing but really ready to dive deeper into finding out the answer to the question of "who am I"? It gets a little intense during the group time and even when I go in thinking I don't have a whole lot to give that night, I end up coming out being blessed by something that another lady has shared through her recovery. It's always a blessing. It really is. 

I'm looking forward to getting started on some volunteer work at my son's school. It's just the second week of school so once things get rolling I have a feeling I might get a little busy. But that's ok. I want to be involved and I want to be in on the inner workings of the school. I feel so disconnected to it right now and I actually have a very hard time getting through to the administration if I have a question or need advice. So I am hoping that being more involved can get me more answers to my questions and in a much faster way. We'll see.

 I tried going curly with my hair with this outfit. I started with slightly damp hair and twisted and wrapped about 5 sections of my hair into little buns. It looked almost just like this. I liked the end result - but this is about my 4th rodeo with no heat curls so I've learned a few tricks. If you use small sections of hair and have lots of little buns, you'll get super kinky curls. The bigger the sections with less buns, the bigger the curls. I don't like to wrap them and sleep on them because that's just TOO much curl for me. So I just left them on for a few hours after the shower but before I had to get ready.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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