Sep 18, 2013

Enjoying the Birthday Gift Girl

Top: Thrifted (not shown), Jeans: Levis/Thrifted, Shoes: L.L. Bean

Oh how excited I was that my hubby had these Maine Hunting Boots from L.L. Bean ready for me to hug on my birthday morning. I really really enjoy them. It's nice to have a waterproof shoe that isn't a boot! There are times I want to pull on boots and then there are times when I just want a slip on that is ready for the outdoors.

These shoes are made to wear with big, thick socks for the winter but I just pulled them on with no socks today. I paired them with boyfriend jeans and an easy striped shirt. Let's admit it, these boyfriend jeans aren't the most attractive article of clothing for my body shape but they are another birthday purchase that I scored at the thrift shop. Thank goodness I didn't waste $70 on them like the ones I thought I wanted. I just don't think they look good enough on me to spend that much. But $3? Ok. I'll try it!


skippy haha said...

Happy Birthday, OG! I think this outfit is fab. I had these boots growing up in NY - needed something to wear to shovel snow off the driveway! Do they still have the shearling lining? You don't need socks when you have shearling lining!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Hey Skippy! Thanks! Man I love these boots!!! I didn't get the ones with the shearling lining. I was afraid my feet would get too hot. But I wonder if I can buy just the lining and pop them in and out. Ahh - they are so comfy and I don't have to fight with pulling the boots over jeans.

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