Sep 27, 2013

Life Lately: Kids & Stuff

Hey there everyone! Sorry for the long pause in blogging. I've been having some blah days and then I've been having some busy days. Some days I get the outfit photo taken but never get around to getting it posted. Other days, I clearly have no motivation. A couple days were full of rain and what I was wearing consisted of these rain boots and a boring raincoat. Fashion runway let me tell ya!

But really the main question for today is can there be anyone better dressed for the rain than my niece?!

Of course my son needs a photo with the star of the hour

The ever-so-frustrating-for-parents school fundraising has commenced and just my luck they are awarding kids these monkeys on lanyards for every 2 items that they sell. You sell 2 items, you get a monkey. Allll the kids at school have tons of monkeys mom! So here I go to grandpa, grandma....pleading to help with monkeys. Here he is with his first one, cool dude monkey.

Which is a much happier face than the one he had on the first day of school:

The enthusiasm! WOW!


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