Jul 10, 2013

Life Lately: Fun Times To Be Had

We have been volunteering at the Community Garden down the road. It has been really rewarding. I have learned a lot about gardening, plants, and how to harvest. The master gardener always lets us come home with a little bit. I don't like to take too much. We are so blessed and are definitely not in need like others. I need to get some more photos of the garden but there is no easy way to lug my huge camera. I don't have a fancy smart phone...yet. I'm fighting it off until the bitter end. I will have to go back on an off day when I'm not covered in mud and sweat and snap some photos. It's really a beautiful spot. I am so glad that families and people in need get super fresh food on a regular basis from this wonderful garden. Part of the garden is rented lots too but each renter must donate 10% of their harvest.

After the garden we usually head straight to the pool because we are sweaty and exhausted.

I love love love the view of the mountains from our little community pool. It's so calming.


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