May 26, 2013

Wear Flowers Everywhere Girl

Top, Sandals & Earrings: Vintage, Jeans: Walmart, Hairbow: Wombat Eye

One of the many things I still can't seem to master every day since going "stay-at-home" is actually looking pulled together. I mean, I throw on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt that is somewhat cute. Maybe has a flower or some sequins on it but I can't say I've had any sense of style in the past two weeks. So today I was determined to look presentable. Plus, Sara at Wombat Eye sent me one of her bows from her adorable etsy shop and how could I resist pairing it with even MORE flowers?!? Just look at this little bow!

She can also make any bow into a man's bow tie! Or a woman's....remember when Drew Barrymore wore a black bow tie in the movie Going the Distance? I was obsessed and went and bought one immediately.

I had a hard time deciding on which one I liked the most. Check out the cute leather one! Her prices are fabulous so go grab one now!

The addition of the dainty accessory definitely helped me get all gussied up. I think what happens through the weeks is after I drop my son off at school I know I'm going to have to come back home and start cleaning so it's like why put on something cute if I'm going to have to clean in it? And the fact that no one is going to see me from the house to the car rider drop off line just makes the excuses even worse. But summer break is coming and I won't be having to leave first thing to drop him off. I can get my cleaning done and then put on something that doesn't look like I'm homeless. That is the goal!

I even went all out and added flower earrings.!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


skippy haha said...

Very cute bow...the shirt is AMAZING! love it! so much! :)

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