May 11, 2013


Gulp. I have no job. I am choice. It is incredible and scary all at the same time but also exciting and mysterious. What am I going to uncover about myself? What will I learn? Will I develop a skill that I enjoy doing and can actually do very well? I am good with numbers but it wasn't something I actually "enjoyed" per se but what if I find out that I can do something really well and it's actually something that makes me excited to do. What about my parenting style? How will I handle being with my six year old all day? Will I fail? Will I cherish these memories of living life and not giving my best thoughts and moments of high energy to the corporate world?

Right now, I feel very scattered. I have my office junk that I need to find a place to put. I need to have space for an office here at home. We have an extra room that we use for an office, crafts and that silly elliptical. And extra jackets and snow boots and stuff like that. I don't leave my boots down in the basement anymore. Not after we started finding snake droppings.

Which brings me to how the bottom just fell out when we actually decided to make this choice - this leap of faith. My car broke down on Wednesday. Like not-drivable-broke-down. Like maybe-its-the-transmission-broke-down. That night we came home and found the snake poop. So there's that. I was getting really discouraged about it all. Part of our commitment to be more family focused it a serious budget. Getting a new transmission and fighting snakes wasn't really on the list for the month of May. Needless to say, God provided me a vehicle for next week. My dad has an extra car that I thought had long ago bit the dust but it hadn't. Praise the Lord! We picked up some snake repellent up off of amazon and it just arrived today. The hubs sprinkled it around the house. Let's hope that's the last we "see" of slithering serpents.

Today is Saturday and I'm taking the morning...maybe the relax and take some me time before I begin this new journey.  I'll leave you with a gift from my friend Tonya and the new way I will be sweeping the floor:


Eartha Kitsch said...

Good luck with your new chapter in life. I hope that you find something that you really enjoy doing. I love the new duster slippers and I pray that the snakes take a hike and go live in a bush or something. eep.

rlutz said...

I ain the same boat and it is an extreme change in lifestyle and everything!! But it does open you to what you really want. Good luck with the transition!

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