Oct 11, 2012

Autumn Breeze Girl

Outfit: Eddie Bauer, Lace ups & Necklace: Modcloth

A nice crisp autumn breeze accompanied us at the Farmer's Market while we looked at all the pumpkins and the funky gourds. Gourds are like the autumn ugly duckling. They are so weird and strange that they end up being beautiful. I liked all the little painted pumpkins too. My son loved the little one that had the witch face on it. You can see it in the far right of the photo above.
Well, life lately is hectic. I haven't been able to blog quite as much as I used to because I'm trying to learn how to become a mom to a kindergartner. It's been a change. I've been slowly getting used to it and I think we are in a good rhythm now. Getting little man up before the sun, getting teeth brushed, packing a snack...all these things I've never had to do before. And the fact that he is growing up. I feel like I need to hold onto each little minute but it is all going by so fast.


Gracey the Giant said...

Gorgeous fall outfit. And thank you for sharing photos of your farmer's market as well. I'd hoped to go to ours last weekend, but was sick. Hopefully I'll make it out this Saturday.

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