Sep 11, 2012

Most Interesting Girl

Top: Bitten, Dress (worn as a skirt): some forgotten head shop, Sandals: Aldo, Belt: forgotten as well

This is the most interesting outfit I have worn in the past two weeks. It felt pretty monumental. I had pink eye for about a week and a half and felt relief finally this past weekend. So I have not been much on the picture taking aspect of life. I'm still not wearing any eye makeup because I refuse to buy any new stuff until I finish my prescription eye drops. If there is one thing I know, it's that pink eye sucks. This is the first round of many more icky things to come from a kindergartners first year in the big house.

On a second note - this top is one of the ones from Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten line that I wish still existed. At least in my town. I'm not sure if Bitten as whole tanked or just Steve & Barry's that carried the line. I'm to lazy to research it right now. But I sure do love this top. It was inexpensive but has really kept it's shape and color for years. 


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