Sep 30, 2012

Black Cherry Sparkle

I've been battling a yucky cold since Friday. Today is the first day I am feeling somewhat better. I thought I would try to make some part of myself presentable and decided to do some plum colored nails. With a splash of sparkles!

I did a base coat, then two coats of Black Cherry, then with a cosmetic sponge I dabbed on Night Prowl (sparkleness), and finished with a Super Shiney topcoat. Lastly, I put some Solar Oil on my cuticles.

I may have a stuffy nose and sore throat but my nails look cute!


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely!!

skippy haha said...

nice healthy skin-ful cuticles! :)

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Thanks Skippy! I'm tryin!

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