Sep 6, 2012

Fashion Ramblings

So when I saw Gunnar on Project Runway with his flannel scarf I decided I needed one too. I haven't done too much digging around the old internets but I think this could be one of those things you could easily do a DIY on. But - with my mood of "easy is better" - I will probably succumb to an ebay purchase. Plus I don't want it to look homemade. I want it to be a lighter flannel fabric. RAMBLING. Anyway, here's Gunnar in all his glory:

Isn't that scarf awesome? Answer: yes, it is One Girl.

To soothe the savage beast, I created a little wish list. I got distracted by fringe boots so I threw those in there too.
Flannel and Fringe


Gracey the Giant said...

I love your flannel and fringe wishlist! And, yes, Girl, Gunnar's scarf is fab.

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