Jul 31, 2012

Transition Pieces

I have a pair of dress short but I never really give them the respect they deserve. They are a pretty tan color with bits of metallic gold throughout. I just need to show them some love. September is around the corner and I think that would be the perfect time to pair some dress shorts with a nice knit top - kick it up a notch.
I am head over heels for the shorts that TopShop has to offer. I paired them with some of their knits and then drooled over their boots....Here's what I came up with:

LOOK at those boots!!! Ahhhhhh. Aren't those sparkly shorts divine? Why have I not won the lottery? Probably would help if I would actually play it. BUT, here's the good part. TopShop isn't outrageously priced. Bad part, I've never ordered anything from them so I don't know how the sizing goes for a more curvy girl like me. Sometimes the shoes from overseas are too narrow for me too. Have any of you ordered from TopShop before?


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