Jul 27, 2012

Grey Girl

Sweater: Cato, Trousers: Gap, Heels: Target

Nope. Haven't read 50 Shades of Grey. I probably won't. I have heard all the juicy parts and I don't think there is much I'm missing in the writing. I digress.

Aren't these flowers pretty? I rushed right over to get some photos with them in the background.

Heading into the weekend...you guys have fun!

I have been wearing eyeshadow (gasp!) and eyeliner lately. I haven't done that on a consistant basis in years. I thought it might be fun to do a makeup photo here and there. We'll see how long I keep that up!

On this day I went for the purples since I had a cool color sweater on. I love using grays and purples when I'm wearing cooler colors. I did have light pink lip gloss on but I didn't reapply before these photos. :( I will have to get better at this!


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