Jul 25, 2011

The New Orleans Bingo Show

Brian and I went out to celebrate his birthday over the weekend. I had got us tickets to see The New Orleans Bingo Show at a new venue The Magnetic Field that just opened up in town. I am so glad we went because it ended up being an incredible show. I think it has solidified our intentions to get married in New Orleans. The energy of the show was through the roof. The vocals were spot on and the silent movie actors were so entertaining. There was a projection screen up in the background that played reels of old films, snow static, and cartoons. A perfect addition to the maniac mix of jazz, big band, and cabaret. If these guys come close to your hometown, I definitely recommend it. You even get to play bingo! But let me just say - I'm glad I didn't win :)

Here's a few shots from the show!

There were three bingo winners. And the winners......had to have a robot dance off. Catherine, the little lady in the middle, was the grand prize winner. She got a very, very large boot that doubled as a flower vase. They gave her lovely flowers....until they ripped all the blooms off and left her with stems and rubble. But she was still a very happy winner! The best at robot dancing for sure.

Lead singer - or Ring Leader - as he's better known, Clint Maedgen, played what seemed to be an Etherwave Theremins. I've never seen this instrument played before in person. Asheville, NC is a mecca for Moog and his legacy so it was pretty neat to finally be a part of a show like this. I know I'm a little late in the Moog game, but hey, better late than never right?


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