Jul 31, 2011

And All Is Right in the Universe

Maybe once or twice a season I stumble right into the "hallelujah moment" while I'm thrifting. This such moment happened to me last week. Look. at. what. I. found.

I know. Can you believe it? Tapestry covered sky high wedges. After the stardust settled I thought, "yeah, well, they're not my size. I just know they're not". What? They were? Yes! The angels came down from heaven and gently placed them in my buggy far far away from anyone elses reach. This fabulous find put an extra spring in my step for days and days. I couldn't wait to style them up. I grabbed my denim ballerina dress and added a vintage pink button up and headed out the door. I got so many compliments on them throughout the day. Whenever anyone said anything I had to go into my whole spiel about how I found them and how unbelievable it was. Of course, they thought I was crazy but they placated me for a bit and smiled like you would at the little old lady that can't figure out the red box machine at the grocery store. There goes that old crazy shoe lady, they would sigh.

Necklace: Charlotte Russe; Everything else: Thrifted!


Stacey Kay said...

OMG those are seriously too cute! I wonder if someone made them?

Stacey Kay
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