Jul 19, 2011

Tea Room

 Blouse: Modcloth, Trousers: Gap, Heels: Target, Belt: Thrifted

Hot and hot. Not me, of course, the weather. In the 90s. I realized the other day that August is really really approaching fast and I got extremely sad that the end of summer is closer than I imagined. No!! Summer just seems to go by so fast and the winter seems to last twice as long. I was thinking today that I really would like to have a mild winter since last year was full of snow, bad weather and freezing temps. Wouldn't it be great to skip winter all together? Ok, not really, but maybe knock a few months off of it.
I made a quick stop by The Village Tea Room to snap a couple of photos. This dainty little tea room is so precious. I got into a habit for a while of going here every year on my birthday for lunch. I haven't been in a while so I think that might be on the list for my birthday next month. They have the best quiche. The brunch is delicious and they always have the most mouth watering desserts! Eeep! Must go!


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