Jun 17, 2010

Spidey! Yard sale! All in the same week!

So that spider that crawled under the seat in my car on Monday has now made a web. Inside my car. At first I laughed and thought, "dude-you can't catch anything in a car!" and then I looked around and realized that he probably could catch some pretty good eats inside my car. It's filthy! Good Lord! I can't keep up. With Riley in the back tossing food bits and me in the front chucking things over into the passenger seat and then forgetting that's where I put it makes for a smorgasbord of stuff. I also made the mistake of mentioning there was a spider in my car while Riley was in ear shot. So he has asked at least 15 times where the spider is. I'm like "Dangit! I had just forgot about the spider, Riley! And now I remember that he's watching me at all times! Eeeek!"

I am also trying to get ready for a yard sale which is ridiculously overwhelming. First of all, I am a terrible (or great) yard sale pricer. I get into a rhythm of making 50 cent stickers and then I just end up pricing everything 50 cents because I don't want to have to analyze every bottle of half used perfume and earrings that may or may not be from 1985. So I have decided to make signs. All clothes $1.00. All shoes $2.00. All other crap - ask me about it. Fuhget abooout it. Anyways, I ended up with 2 boxes of shoes, 3 boxes of clothes and a whole box in itself of jewelry. I am NOT bringing this crap back into my house. Get ready Goodwill. Or maybe I'll spread the love over to Hospice. Or Salvation Army. Secondly, when you are trying to price your kids old toys and they are watching you do it and they want to start playing with it while your pricing it - well it makes it crazy time all of a sudden! Then he starts asking where am I taking them. I tell him that they are riding in the car to get some fresh air.


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