Jun 21, 2010


Moon & Stars by Riley Martin
I'm just not up for this today. I'm not up for starting a new week all over again. I would really really love to have a week off of work with not a whole lot planned. I think this weekend has made me even more tired than what I started out as. It wasn't exactly a relaxing weekend, but still good. The yard sale went well. Made about $90 bucks and sweated out about 10 gallons of water or the previous nights PBR, whatever comes out first. Bought about $10 worth of more crap that I don't need but think I do. All in all it was a success. I got about 7 boxes of "things" out of my apartment. Sunday was nice. Woke up with a sore throat. Got coffee and a stale muffin at Green Sage - this was after I dropped my sausage biscuit in the car and the sausage patty fell right down in that slit between the seat and emergency brake. Which reminds me, I need to fish that out today. After that, we visited fathers for Father's Day. Then stopped and got 4 movies and watched 3 of them. That was the extent of it. Oh - and ordered Ash Pizza & Brewing pizza. Pizza. Slurp. Bite of pizza, slurp of sprite. Feeling better. Took an old antibiotic just to see if it would work. It helped. I'll take another one.

Update: Went to the doc on Wednesday after missing work yesterday because I felt like a flem ball mixed with cat farts. I do NOT have strep throat I do NOT have mono. Just catch things from my kid while he just kind of skips through life with a runny nose. I get the actual cold. He gets a few minor annoyances. I want to crawl inside of a burrito and get smothered with sour cream. Then dipped into hot oil and burnt to a crisp. I have had better days, ya'll is what I'm saying.


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