Jan 27, 2016

Slushy Slush Girl

And enter in the slushy junk that is left behind by the big snow storm! YAY! It's always 3 or 4 days of making sure I wear shoes that can put up with nasty, white, salty, slush on them. I love this outfit except for the shoes! Since I don't need to hike though 10 inches of snow (like last Sunday), I chose not to wear my Sorels but still needed something waterproof and safe. I also wanted to show off these cute little black and white camp socks that I steal from my hubby pretty much every other day! That left this pair of brown hiking boots and my LL Bean Hunting boots, which are navy. I went with the hiking boots because I really wasn't feeling adding navy to this outfit. They serve their purpose well as hiking boots but I kinda wish they were black for this outfit. I know, I know, I should really only be caring whether or not they grip the ground well enough to keep me from slipping. That's why I'm not wearing any of my slick soled black boots. Buuuuttttt....it would look better with something like this: 

Another thing to go on my wishlist! 

Outfit Details:
Flannel: Woolrich (Christmas gift - thanks B!)
Ponte Leggings: H&M (in the store last season. These are nice and thick!)
Socks: Eddie Bauer
Boots: HiTec (similar)
Scarf: Old Navy (last season)


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