Dec 2, 2014

Coffee Shop Mornings Girl

Sweater: Thrifted Coldwater Creek; Pants: Kohl's, Boots: Dolce Vita, Bag: Ebay (shop the look below!)

My hubby and I love spending Saturday mornings at one of the local coffee shops sipping on lattes and listening to our favorite tunes. We both get so much done when we go. The atmosphere makes me so productive for some reason. We get to splurge on coffee shop mornings maybe twice a month so when we do get to go it's pretty special. So special that I put on my faux leather pants no doubt! What?!? For some reason I have this way of hoarding my "good" clothes and keeping them for only nights that we go out on dates. Since extravagant date nights are such a rare treat now that I am a stay at home mom and we're on one income, I'm going to have to start wearing the special outfits even when we just go grab coffee. I'm also very curious and slightly obsessed with the capsule wardrobe idea going around. I may try to commit to one. Or maybe not. What I like about a minimal wardrobe is that everything hanging in your closet is #1) Something you LOVE and #2) Something that fits exceptionally well. Makes getting ready every morning so much easier! I'll let you know if I take the plunge and eliminate half my wardrobe. Eeek!

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