Dec 3, 2014

Gingerbread Girl

Velvet Blazer: Thrifted Gap (similar) but check the thrift shops because these suckers are everywhere, Top: Thrifted Motherhood Maternity I think! Lol (similar), Jeans: Lee Curvy, Boots: Bongo, Necklace: Modcloth (similar)

My dear, sweet cousin Maggie invited me and the hubs to go with them and the rest of my dad's side of the family to the Grove Park Inn for the Annual Gingerbread Competition. They display the winning entries and what seemed to be just the top 10 this year. In previous years they have had a lot more entries on display. I believe they are scaling back because it is just getting so, so very crowded. My guess is the guests that are staying at the Inn (and plopping down a large chunk of change) might be getting claustrophobic with the huge crowds coming to look at the gingerbread houses. Now that I mention it, there aren't really very many gingerbread "houses" much anymore! There is everything but houses. People are very inventive with these edible creations! 

 Well I better show you the grand prize winner right? I'm not sure if they win an actual prize or just bragging rights. Anyway, the title was Pawn Stars.  So much detail! 

Here's Brian having too much fun in the background photo bombing my video. Listen to his devilish laugh!

Check this one out. Trojan Horse - one of my faves!

You can see the Grove Park Inn in the background of this photo below. It has such a beautifully haunting appearance that makes it so captivating. I can't help but think of F. Scott Fitzgerald every time I come. Great Gatsby - one of my all time favorite books - starts playing over and over in my mind. It never gets old.

See what I mean about there not being a ton of gingerbread "houses"?

These three were from the youth category, I believe.

The wonderful aroma is so enticing! Makes you want to stop and eat gingerbread cookies immediately!

The gorgeous, monstrous fireplace in the lobby. I think I've taken about 10 different pictures in front of this fireplace over my lifetime. There is an identical one across the room. Definitely castle-worthy fires here.

I picked up an adorable little fox shaped lip gloss. He just had to get in on a photo. He's suppose to be going into my stocking. Suppose to. 


In Kinsey's Closet said...

I need these pants! Were they a recent purchase? I love how you can style them casual like your look or dress them up!

A Day in the Life of One Girl said...

Hi Kinsey! I actually have had these for a while and I got them at a thrift store but the tag says Lee Curvy. They are the best skinny jeans! They are affordable and don't give me a muffin top!

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