Aug 21, 2014

Life Lately {Crop Share Farm}

This summer was the first time we've been able to be a part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) or crop share for short. I was so excited and I fell in love with it! We used Flying Cloud Farm in Fairview NC and it was perfection! We've had to scale back financially until we can get our old condo sold so we had to put it on the back burner but I'm hoping next year we will be able to get back into it. There were two options for this CSA. You could pick up your box at the tailgate market or you could go to the farm itself and bag the produce you wanted. I did both. I liked getting the box better. It was a great variety and it was a generous amount of everything. It took the decision work out of it for me and I love that. I hate making decisions! On the other hand, when you go to the farm you get to pick your own flowers. That in itself was a great adventure and it made for some really sweet memories for my son and me. He chased butterflies while I swooned over pretty flowers.

Here's the little self service product stand that couldn't get more adorable even if it tried.

They also had the cutest little watermelons and cantaloupes - that actually were not that sweet and that makes me wonder why the ones from the store are so overly sweet...hmmm....modified??? Look at how few of those blackberries are left! If you didn't get there early those guys would for sure be gone. Oh they were so good. I've got some in the freezer for when I need a boost of summer when it is gray and cold. Let's don't talk about winter.

Let's look at the flowers instead!!!

She had some beautiful bouquets already put together and ready to go in your satchel. But we decided to go out to the field...

He chased so many butterflies

We talked about the bees but not the birds :)

My little bucket after lots of picking.

Bringing these bouquets home was such a mood booster. I loved having these guys in my house!

Let's enjoy the last tidbits of summer shall we!


Brian said...

Mmmmm. Flying Cloud Farm is where it's at!

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