Jul 25, 2014

More Comfortable Girl

Top: Thrifted (Goodwill), Shorts: Family Dollar, Sandals: Chadwicks, Hat: some little beach shop in SC, Necklace: Rugged Warehouse

What did I forget when I went to the beach? My sun hat. Yep. I refused to buy one down there because I've done that twice already. Two other times I've had to buy an overpriced sun hat at a tourist trap. So I just flat out refused this time. I stayed pretty lathered up in sunscreen too.

I don't normally process my photos this much but I couldn't help it. I love how this vintage filter gives it an Arizona or desert feel. I hope you don't mind. I think it makes for some nice depth in the picture.

More comfortable? Well, that is in reference to the fact that I am wearing shorts here. You will rarely see me in shorts but I am trying to embrace my shape, my legs and my thighs with a little more love. Sure they are not the thighs of my teenage self but they are mine and they are in good working order! I need to be thankful. Of course black shorts are very forgiving and keep it on the dressier side. I've accepted that I have cellulite and it ain't going anywhere. I think these black shorts are at a comfortable length for me. I did cut off a pair of jeans recently and I feel like they are just a little too short. I find myself just a little too wiggly in them which is sure sign that they are too short. If you are tugging at them and wishing they would pull down a little bit, then they're too short. Bummer.

Do you wear shorts? Do you feel comfortable in them?


Natalie Patalie said...

Don't hate your thighs! You look great :)

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