Jul 9, 2014

DIY Cottonball Toss Game for Kids

Summer break is in full swing and it's time to pull out some old standby's for easy fun. This is something I saw on Pinterest a long time ago and is pretty easy to pull together quickly when your kids are losing it from boredom.

Just grab some cotton balls and old tupperware. Once we use the cotton balls for this game I just keep them for this game because they will get pretty dirty. Not really what you want to use on your face afterwards.

Set out your bowls, cups or whatever you want to use to toss the cotton balls into. You can put stickies on the front for how many points you get when you make the target. The person with the least points has to clean up the cotton balls for the next round!

What are those black things? Bed risers. They were sitting out because we don't need them anymore and they were heading down to the garage for storage. My son grabbed them to stack as a pyramid and we tossed cotton balls at them too. So just grab anything really! Start tossing! As you can see we didn't do very well here! Ha!


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