Jul 21, 2014

DIY {Boring Wallet Makeover}

I had a wonderful wallet that I loved loved loved but it finally bit the dust. I was on a mission to find another one I loved just as much but on the cheap. I searched high and low and finally went with one from Target. It was one of those slim, flat wallets that had the clasp closure. And it was on clearance for $6.48. First off I had too much stuff in there and it wouldn't even close. Secondly, after it finally did close the clasp couldn't handle what I was bringing and it broke. I went back to Target without my receipt, of course, and got a store credit. I couldn't find anything that was cute and still big enough for all of my stuff. I still carry a checkbook - am I the only one? There were maybe 4 wallets out of 100 that would fit a checkbook. Of course this was Target and they seem like they cater to the college student when it comes to the women's section. Amiright?

This is the wallet I settled on. A plain, pinkish, zip up. I grabbed some goodies from my trusty craft box and my craft glue. Time to Bling It Out!

You can get little crochet embellishments at the craft store. I can't remember what section I got these out of. I think I might have even found them in the bargain bin. But anything flat that would work with glue would be fine to use. You could cut out a design out of fabric or felt, add decorative stitching and then glue it on. You could crochet your own design and add it as well! Unfortunately I am not that talented and I am always looking for crafts that are quick and easy.  So I went with the pre-made easy to glue method.

I also dug up an old string of pearls and removed one bead.

Arrange how you would like it, then remove it then glue it. I'm way to decisive to go with my first choice of placement. I kept the design simple and used a good amount of glue but not so much that it bubbled out the sides. I only used one pearl because over time I knew the chances would be high for the pearl popping off.

Let it dry overnight. I did come back with a toothpick and glue down some of the pesky ends that were flipping up. Your wallet will smell a little like glue for the first day. Then it will go back to smelling like the wallet it was born to be.

I'm ready to ride Clyde!


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