Feb 20, 2014

Refurbished Girl

Cardigan: Thrifted Eddie Bauer, Jeans: Thrifted, Tank: Thrifted, Boots: Steve Madden, Scarf: Target

I was over the moon when I purchased these Steve Madden boots back in 2010 but they have been very neglected as of late. They had some stains on them and just general lackluster that happens with lighter colored shoes. I grabbed some leather conditioner and tried to clean the spots. It did clean the stains, but it darkened the leather. So I had to wipe down the whole entire boot. Which turned out surprisingly well! I feel like I have a new pair boots! When life hands you leather conditioner...

I have been inspired recently about all the messy braids making the way around Pinterest and those krazy Kardashians girls. I thought I would dress up my ponytail a little bit today and give it a try. I think if I didn't have as many layers it would've looked even better. 


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