Feb 12, 2014

Coming Up...Valentine's Day

I am a sucker for Valentine's Day. I love love and I like all the glitter and glam that comes with Valentine's Day. I didn't get a heart wreath made this year like I wanted to but I do have a heart banner! Woohoo! Maybe if I get one new craft added to each holiday each year then I will feel like I'm making progress!

 I made this banner with gold paper heart doilies, fabric strips and red polka dot ribbon. I used some embroidery thread to string it all up. Easy peasy.

I made these Valentine's Day trees out of regular white paper that I rolled into a cone. One is covered with red yard, one with lace and one with felt pink hearts. I love these! They were very easy to make.

This little tree comes out for pretty much every holiday even though it's original purpose was an Easter tree (I think).

I prepared my son an "it's ok if you never bring it back" kind of bag to take to school to deliver all of his classroom valentines. It was an old Starbucks bag that I cut in half and wrapped (roughly) in tissue paper. He actually did bring it back. As a crumpled up ball in the bottom of his book bag.

Since school has already been called off for Wednesday due to the snowy forecast we will probably make some Valentine's for those special someones!


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