Dec 7, 2013

The Basics Girl

Cardigan: Royal Robbins, Tunic: Thrifted, Elle, Leggings: Wally world, Boots: Eddie Bauer, Socks: Ebay

I am living in leggings, long tops and/or sweaters. comfy. I did a sneak peak into Old Navy today which I really don't want to buy from because their stuff just falls apart after a year but man oh man did they have some cute stuff. Heeeellp! Mass marketing works on me every time! I saw lots and lots of tunics and long sweaters that would work so well over my comfy leggings. If I do get any Christmas money I may let myself just get one or two things. Ugh. I don't know. I don't need anymore clothes!!! It's a dangerously slippery slope. 

I really need to do something different with Christmas money like go get a facial or a massage...or a blog redesign. I'm just not feeling the way my blog looks anymore and I think it's time for a change. Yeah, I like that idea. I will just have to stay away from the cheap thrill stores!


Unknown said...

Perfect combination ♥

skippy haha said...

i hear you about old navy stuff! a lot of it doesn't even last a year. i don't even buy it from goodwill anymore - must. resist. old navy! it looks so cute on the hanger and then...unflattering, frumpy, crooked, busted seams, faded colors...just not worth it! stay strong, one girl! 1 eddie bauer sweater is worth 10 old navys!

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