Dec 3, 2013

Something Tasty: Mini Apple Pie Dessert Pizzas

I was trying to think of a tasty little treat to take over to my mom's for Thanksgiving day. I have been on this kick of making mini pizzas and I had a ton of the rolls I use for the crust already in the freezer. So I can I make a sweet treat with these delicious rolls?! Then I thought of that yummy apple pie pizza they have a Cici's pizza. Drool. I did some internet digging and found a good recipe here at The Country Cook. They came out amazing! The only change I made was that her recipe was just for one pizza and I had about 30 mini pizzas. Here's the idea I was going for (from Cici's website):

Rhodes! These rolls are awesome. I first found out about these little guys on Cooking on Clover Lane's website and I'll never go back to making (a.k.a. trying and failing) my own crust. I used these rolls and followed the regular method for thawing (on the back of the bag).

I put olive oil in my pan before I put the little frozen dough balls down. Then I sprayed the top of them with Pam before I put the cling wrap on (directions on the bag). When they were fully thawed I cut them in half with kitchen shears because I wanted them to be bite size. I patted them out to be in the shape of a circle(ish). My son helped with this part. He loves it!

I added about a teaspoon and half of apple pie filling to each circle.

I followed her recipe and made the crumb topping. I sprinkled it on top.

I followed her recipe and made the icing. I drizzled the icing over them after they came out of the oven. I let them cool a little bit before I transferred them to the serving tray.

YUM. They were EXACTLY how I remember Cici's being. SO tasty. These Rhodes rolls are the BEST for mini pizzas!


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