Nov 16, 2012

More of That Casual Girl

Top: Thrifted Woolrich - woot! Pants: Eddie Bauer, Oxfords: Bass

I know I have been the queen of casual lately. Yes. I have. I really just enjoy being comfortable. I still have my frilly things - they do call out to me. Probably next week I will force myself to get dolled up for a day or so. I know this is major cheese factor but I want to see the last Twilight. I know! I know! Slap me now. But I'm not a diehard. I will probably wait until it comes out on dvd. Twilight seems pretty tame compared to True Blood. We're on a True Blood hiatus right now since we don't have HBO. True Blood is my favorite vamp series by far. But I will have to wait to catch up on that. Right now I have Sons of Anarchy to catch up on and American Horror Story to keep me busy.


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