Nov 19, 2012

Game Day Girl

The hospital the hubs works for had a vendor sponsored event at the Clemson vs. NC State game on Saturday. We decided to make the trek down even though Brian was sick with a nasty head cold. I still had some remnants of mine but I definitely was over the worst of it. But he suffered through! It was a beautiful day and I walked around in short sleeves most of the time until the sun went behind the stadium. Clemson beat the stuffing out of State so all in all it was a great day! I just wish my best little cousin would've been with me - I missed Emily!


A bit nerve wracking at this point in the game. 27 - 24

Some of the TD's and celebrating with a butt slap

My partner in crime


WARS said...

Yay!!! I got a shout out and Clemson WON!!!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Glad to see that Clemson won! I used to live and work there. : )

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