Nov 27, 2012

DIY: Veggie Stamping

This DIY is super easy! But, when have I ever shown you a hard DIY? If it's too hard I don't finish it! I did not come up with this on my own - no way. I saw a post on natural stamping on Beautiful Mess ages and ages ago. The post I linked to is from August but I swear they have been celery stamping since they were babies.Well, little ole me just finally got around to doing it! I love love love how it turned out too.

Just cut the bottom part of the celery heart off. You've got to do this part fresh - if you cut this off and let it sit for a day...or a week...or gets a less pretty shape to it.

I had a plain, cheap, lightweight, cream colored scarf that I thought would look great with black stamping

Stamp away! The variations of light stamps verses dark stamps - perfect. A smudge? Perfect. Whatever goes.



rlutz said...

Love how the vege made the subtle print! Such a fun idea!

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