Feb 1, 2010


Kobe Beef Sliders at LAB

Made a long awaited visit to Lexington Avenue Brewery Saturday night and I was very thrilled. First of all, I loved the atmosphere. It was fresh, new and at the same time comfy and warm. The hand dryers in the bathroom were just as exciting as the metro feel from the crowd out front.

After snagging a table super quick, we started out with the sampler and tried all the brews. The White Ale was very clean with that classic orange tang at the end. Ended up getting a whole glass of that one. The Pilsner Lager doesn't beat my favorite, The Wedge Pilsner (whoot whoot), but it had a presence of its own. The American Pale and India Pale Ale were both nice. But the one that really surprised me was the Chocolate Porter. Holy Flapjacks! I have never been a porter fan but this one was a pleasant little tickle on my tongue. The chocolate flavor really comes through after the first sip and a few slaps of the tongue on the roof of the mouth. The last and final beer was the Chocolate Stout. It does live up to it's name. With a cold mild espresso taste, the Stout has lots of staying power. Very tasty-fied.

We ordered two appetizers to accompany our romp with the beer samples. The Hummus Quartet was really charming. With 4 different kinds of hummus, the dish really aims to please lots of palletes. Even your pickiest friend that always bitches about too many spices or too much sauce. I enjoyed the Edamame the most. The Roasted Red Pepper was delicious as it always is in the hummus world. A new kick was the Olive Tempanade. A great little addition to all the creamy hummus. I always love when they throw in a few cucumber pieces to add some crispyness to it all. I wasn't as fond of the Pesto hummus as I was all of the other ones but my dining buddy was thrilled by it. So it worked out smoothly.

The Kobe Beef Sliders stole the show. Ta da! On top of being the cutest damn burger I have ever seen, the taste was unbeleivable. The crunchy onion rings and the creamy blue cheese dressing that dripped of my chin was making me a very happy girl. Bring a bib and grab some Kobe Beef Sliders. You will love wiping your face.


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