Feb 2, 2010

Miss You

I miss my Granny Tolley. I miss my Paw Tolley. They've been gone for so long that my memories have become foggy and translucent. Today, while eating lunch, I noticed a little old lady with what looked to be her grandson. She had a walker just like my Granny used to have. A "cool" one with the seat on it and compartment for holding all the things a Granny needs...tissues, glasses case, magnifying glass, more tissues...Made me think of her. She finally decides what she wants for lunch and shouts it out. Cute. She started to show her grandson and a friend of his pictures of her cat and her dog. Her thin white hair was permed and fluffed as much as it could be - just like Granny's. The comparisons stopped when her cell phone shrieked a funkadelic ring tone. Aw, hell no. Made me miss the simplicity of my Granny even more. She didn't even have a driver's license. Never needed it. She was feisty and I can respect that. She was always good to me. Miss you Granny.

Mr. T-t-t-tudball and Mrs. W-w-w-iggins! Thank you, Carol Burnett. I've never laughed as hard with my Granny than when we were watching your show.


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