Feb 25, 2010

Kids wanting Kids

I was sitting at the mall last night watching my son run around and around and around the little playland full of tiny, miniature people. It's a great place to go and unleash him while I read or eat or read and eat. I try to read but, dammit, these kids are so interesting to watch. You've got your shy kids, you've got your loud ones, you've got the ones who freak out whenever someone touches them and then you've got your kids that pull other kids off the bridge. Ahhh...relaxing. The victim slowly gets up from the soft play river rocks that his back just made a loud "thud" on. Was I the only one that just saw that? I'm worried that the kid has a mild concussion. I look around and everyone else is chatting, eating, sleeping, checking out the ring fingers of other moms or dads, or just generally in outer space parent zone and do not want to come back. The kid that got pulled off the bridge takes a breather over on the couch. I can tell he's trying to shake it off. I'm thinking to myself, "He's doing a good job at acting like he was invisible when he got jacked off the bridge."
I'm eating my subway sandwich because that's what I crave more than any other food in this world. Um. No. Because none of my pants can zip around my fat belly anymore. You know that when you pick up the elastic waist pants out of the dirty clothes and ponder whether or not someone can really see that ketchup stain because you can't stand the idea of wearing something with a zipper, you have gained a few pounds. It's just my winter coat that I put on when it's cold. Those extra pounds keep me warm.
Anyway, so I'm sitting there watching the kids strangle each other or play, rather, and I overhear the conversation next to me between these teenagers, or tweens, as Miley Cyrus would want us to say. Two girls and a skinny little guy. Maybe fourteen years old? Fifteen at the most. One girl has her reddish orange hair twisted up in knots on top of her head while she picks at a zit on her chin. She's the one that is facing towards me. I can only see the back of the other girl and her brown roots in her jet black hair. The guy is in typical punk/skater/emo/goth fashion. The usual. The orange hair girl starts to ask the emo guy about a girl named Faith and how she feels about him hanging out with his two ex-girlfriends. He plays it off and says super-chill-like that she doesn't care. Blah blah blah and so on. My ear perks up again whenever the black haired girl says that kids are sweet. Said it looks like taking care of them is hard but she thinks kids are awesome. She says "I want to be pregnant so bad. I just want to have a baby." And then a few seconds later whispers "I think I might be. I'll know in a few weeks."
Hee hee.
Um. Kids are hard work. I just have ONE and I don't know what I'm doing or where I am half the time. Girls, if this is on purpose, please wait until you're out of high school. I'm not sure what this new trend is about being pregnant before you are old enough to drive but I'm not convinced. Lifetime movies about it, articles about it - bullshit. It's not for the weak, o young ones.


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