Sep 29, 2009

Today is very Fall-ish

I want to be outside today. Funny thing is, the Fall season is not a close friend of mine. Fall is more like one of those friends that I used to work with and when I see them at the grocery store instead of trying to look extremely interested in the ingredients of potted meat, I have to stop and chat because it would be terribly rude if I didn't. Not to mention that if I didn't speak, they would quickly race back to work to maliciously tell everyone about how I horribly I had let myself go. Geez, thanks Fall. Therefore, I must embrace fall as much as I can muster. I am cold all of the time- inside or out- so why not be cold outside even more? I have gained a few pounds - why not hide it under a woolly poncho?

Let's see...pumpkins are cool, chocolate is tasty, yum...this may work. I will fight the pesky melancholy feeling that creeps up inside my nose when I smell the leaves and the damp, cold ground. I will survive knowing that I have made it through another season of my life. I am older, wiser and more aware of myself. Fall is the reset button of the year.


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