Sep 1, 2009

The Devil is in the Mail

I don't really desire McDonalds for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately, I do love the breakfast grub. To tell the truth I think the real deal with my McDonalds breakfast addiction is 3/4 avoiding going to work and 1/4 hunger. Fortunately, I have decided that I need to quit trying to button my jeans using a rubberband and go on a diet. I ate what I wanted to over the weekend and knew that come Monday morning I was checking into my own personal rehab.

The funny thing is when I looked through my mail Monday (D-Day) morning before going to work I see this coupon book from McDonalds. Great! Only THE most delicious bacon, egg and cheese biscuit plastered on the front and these serious coupons inside where I can basically get this food for like a penny. I think the USPS and all that is evil has gathered round to torture me.


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