Oct 13, 2009

Tuesday Torture

It is very hard to get a prescription called in today. I am having the hardest time. First, I had to go through the call screener person at the doctors office. She says, "Thanks. I will give this message to the nurse." Then I wait on the nurse to call. She does call and listens to my demands and says, "Thanks. I will give this message to the doctor." I proceed to wait. I go to the bathroom. Without my phone. Bad mistake. I get a voicemail from the nurse that she spoke to the doctor and will call my prescription in. Ok, that's cool. Right? No. I get another call later on saying that is not going to work. That prescription is not covered. NO!! I have to call her back. I go through the same call screener person that I did this morning. I just need to talk to Vickie at this point. I have already called my insurance and I have got some juicy information that I need to tell her. All the medication needs is prior approval and they will cover it. Instead, the call screener person says, "Thanks. I will give this to the nurse."



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