Jan 12, 2019

Mini Bathroom Makeover from Target

Before you judge...our main bath needs a complete gut and redesign (hello gold toilet and shower!) but until that day comes I have to make the best with what I've got. 

When we bought the house it was covered in hideous wallpaper as old circa 1980s houses usually are. We peeled that ick off and painted it a shade of green that I slowly grew to hate. Last year I painted all of the walls and trim a glossy white, scraped all of the popcorn off the ceiling (back breaking work!) and gave it a fresh coat of white paint. 

Last week I saw this quirky cactus shower curtain at Target and figured Why Not?! It was on sale and it makes me giggle every time I walk in the bathroom. Plus the price was great for it being a fabric curtain. I kept the towels and the bath mat simple and let the curtain hold center stage.

I grabbed these little succulents from the Dollar Bin area. 

Prices may change because it was on sale the day I went. Also, the price IN store was about $3 more. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy online and then pick it up. I could've done that but I wanted to FEEL the fabric of the curtain first. I also wanted to match up the rug in person. 


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