Nov 24, 2015

Pattern Pants Girl

My winter clothes storage boxes have been unearthed from the basement and I am currently sorting through my vast collection of sweaters. I would really REALLY love to get rid of most of my ho hum sweaters in exchange for 2 or 3 fine quality ones that I fully adore. Efforts are underway and I have my eye on this off white sweater from Woolrich that would allow me to donate 3 other sweaters in it's place. It's expensive but it would be my only off white sweater. Honestly, since I don't go to an office job each day, my closet is just not getting the workout that it used to.

I noticed these pants hanging in my closet and remembered, even though I have worn them several times, I don't think they have appeared on the blog yet. This will probably be the last time I wear them this year since they are a bit too thin for colder weather. Adios!

Outfit details:
Sweater: Target
Pants: H&M
Boots: Bongo
Scarf: Old


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