Sep 9, 2015

Happy 37th Birthday to Me Girl

These photos are from the last week of August when we went out for my birthday dinner. Finally got to go to the Nightbell restaurant here in town. It came highly recommended from a trusted source.  And you know what? It was GREAT! It was unique, intimate, and just what I needed. I posted on instagram what they brought out to me for my birthday :) Whaaat?! Totes adorbs.

SO my outfit...I LOVE IT! My hubby got this open front maxi dress for me as one of my gifts. We share with each other our amazon wish lists so there is never a need to ask each other what we want.

"What do you want for your birthday?"
"Check my list yo!"

When we do make a purchase, it may not be a complete surprise, but the gift is always a darn good one! Of course we still go rogue and get something OFF the list from time to time. WHOA.

I had put this dress? cape? on my list after I saw another blogger post about it. I thought it was genius! It's a dress, it's a's a CAPE! A superwoman cape!

Happy 37th birthday to me!

Outfit details: 
Open Front Maxi: Amazon
Tank: Rugged Warehouse
Faux Leather Pants: Kohls
Heels: DSW


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