Aug 27, 2015

Versona Grand Opening + $25 GIVEAWAY!

There's really no better way to spend your birthday than shopping with a gift certificate! Am I right or Am I right? That's what I did today and I loved it.

I was personally invited to stop by Versona's Grand Opening in Asheville and spend some time browsing, drooling and shopping! It just so happened to fall on my 37th birthday. Destiny? Maybe.

The best news is


To enter the $25 gift card giveaway just click this link --->>> a Rafflecopter giveaway and follow the directions on how to get the most entries!

I will keep the giveaway open for 1 week and announce a winner on September 4th.

Here's a sneak peek inside of the store! Ahhh that new store smell!

Here's what I know about Versona  and their merchandise:

*They are going for a boutique look and feel. Very selective and only a limited amount. When the size selection you see that day is gone, the item is gone. They will then order a fresh set of something new and different.

*These clothes are priced to SELL. I LOVE these prices. Everything I saw that I wanted was right around $30 or CHEAPER. More expensive items are there, of course, but it's to be expected of items like long dresses, sweaters, etc that have more fabric.

*The fabrics are GOOD FABRICS. They are sturdy and can handle some wear. How do I know? I've bought a ton of really poorly made stuff only to throw it away the next year because it's trashed.

*Accessories to go with every clothing item. Chic jewelry in cool finishes.

Another thing I love is that they sell shapewear right there in the store. Perfect! I don't have to remember to go somewhere else to get the right look for what I'm wearing it under. You can try it all on at the same time. They also carry all those little fashion emergency things that I always remember I need...when I'm getting ready to go out and have no time!

I'll have an outfit post soon of what I chose! I'm in love with it!

No go and ENTER THE GIVEAWAY!!!!! a Rafflecopter giveaway


Susan Christy said...

Love the wire wrapped crystal hinge bracelet

Natalie Patalie said...

Awwwe everything's so pretty! I especially love the dresses!

JSColdwell said...

I would have to look at the hats and jewelry but I would probably end up getting a dress! :)

Unknown said...

shaunie - I would love to get a top

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