Aug 19, 2015

Beetle Girl

I saw this happy little sunshine Volkswagen bug and could not stop thinking how great a throwback blog post would be! I pulled together my best, but still subtle, 70's outfit and took some photos. My son and I play the punch bug game every time we are in the car so this is also a bit of a homage to that too. Do you play that game too? When you see a Volkswagen bug you yell "punchbug (and the color). You then get to dole out a nice punch to someone in the car and you get a point. If you see a VW bug classic (like the one here) then you get two punches. If you see a VW van or bus it's four punches. My son usually gets all the hits because I'm driving and it's hard to see ones that he doesn't see! Here lately he's been wanting me to punch him harder when I see one but I just can't do it! Lol. I let him punch me as hard as he can and then I think, that's gonna leave a bruise! Ha!


skippy haha said...

my heart is stuck in the 70s but i LOVE this outfit! the belt is sweet.

we used to say "beaver, red one" or "beaver, green one" when seeing a vw bug. i think it started as beetle red one, but little kid talk turned it into beaver. ha!

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